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Hands-on hotelier  |  picture straightener  |  egyptian cotton fan | light bulb changer  |  fine diner  |  fire fighter  |  smeg  |  aspiring garagiste  |  floor sweeper  |  quaffer of fine bubbles | detail fiend  |  chefs best friend  |  world wanderer |  guest chauffeur  |  relais & chateaux gm  |  porter assistant  |  mad mountain biker  |  flower arranger  |  christian dior  |  truffle oil  |  Sculpture Dylan Lewis  |  5 star  |  crystal polisher °

38 years of working with the world’s best to deliver only the finest level of hospitality

What I do...


  • Mastering new skills

  • Product knowledge and upselling skills

  • The Culture of Hospitality - values, attitude, respect and self respect


  • Guidance and shared skills through years of knowledge and hands on experience.


  • I am the middle man

Event co-ordination


  • Need someone to pull it all together?

  • Need someone to do the innovative or creative thinking?

  • Or simply a sounding board to get the juices flowing?

Bespoke Experiences

  • Want to experience Franschhoek through the eyes of a local and like no other holiday-maker ever will?

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