How I do it

In over 33 years of working with the world’s best to deliver 
only the finest level of hospitality, I’ve learned two vital lessons:


1. There is always a solution to any problem.

2. It almost never comes out of a manual.


 To that end, everything I do is bespoke...

  • I do not re-cycle training manuals, but design from the ground up.

  • I do not work with generic material, but tailor make every detail for your specific environment, your people, your needs.

  • I integrate and adapt to fit each property, person or event.

About me...

My expertise is hard-won from every corner of the hospitality world. I’ve worked with top restaurants, events, festivals, guest houses and – in particular - 16 years as General Manager of one of South Africa’s most acclaimed Hotel/Restaurants - Le Quartier Francais.

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