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World-wide in 22 cities around the globe

A non-profit networking organization and a tool for worldwide cities who consider food and gastronomy as a boost for urban economic development and city attractiveness, by learning, sharing and connecting.
I represented Franschhoek in Puebla - Mexico and Montreal - Canada on three days of networking, experience sharing and conferences around a central topic. 


In 2016, I arranged a three-day gathering in Franschhoek and Cape Town to 30 International delegates which gave Franschhoek Wine Valley the opportunity to present their approach to food & gastronomy in the Valley.   I coordinated all logistics from airport arrivals to accommodation, events, speakers, and experiences.

Porcupine / Lions Mountain Bike Race


For the past 3 years, on the ground logistics from fundraising, PR, event planning, marshalls, water points, community involvement, medics, route marking.

Harvard OPM (Owner/President Management)


Coordinated day experiences for 19 International delegate in 2018.  Bike tour through the vineyards, verticle tastings, barrel tastings, blending own wine,  yoga classes, lunches and transfers.

Franschhoek Mystery Weekends


Since 2011, I have created funfilled 2-night packages for up to 100 visitors to Franschhoek during the winter season.  Plan and execute three to four Mystery Weekends a year which includes accommodation, meals, wine tastings, experiences, music, and retail in a fun, uncomplicated way. 

The Winter Sculpture Fair


Once a year (since 2012) I take Franschhoek to Johannesburg (Nirox Sculpture Park in the Cradle of Humankind).  22 wineries, 12 restaurants, beer, gin, and coffee.  I handle all the logistics from Franschhoek and back.  Move up to 9 tons of fresh, refrigerated and frozen food and equipment and 8 tons of wine.



An evening function where Franschhoek gets to showcase its offerings to 120 International Travel Agents.  A collection of accommodation, food, wine, retail and experience.   I plan, coordinate and execute the event. 

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