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Who I am

My expertise is hard-won from every corner of the hospitality world. I’ve worked with top restaurants, events, festivals, guest houses and – in particular - 16 years as General Manager of one of South Africa’s most acclaimed Hotel/Restaurants – Le Quartier Français: a Relais & Chateaux Property and The Tasting Room: a Relais Gourmand and one of  the San Pellegrino top 50 restaurants in the world.

My extensive travels for Le Quartier Français have given me a unique view on the world’s premium hospitality operations – staying in the World’s best hotels, dining in the finest Restaurants and taking part in many trade shows and workshops around the World.

My passion for wine blossomed on these travels and my expertise on South African wines has been recognised by the Diners Club Int. Excellence and Diamond Awards I’ve received. I continue to contribute to South African wine through extensive wine-tuition with staff and members of the Franschhoek Wine Valley.

Over the years I have also been involved in numerous renovations and new projects, giving me a special insight into the design and layout of restaurants and bars.

I have led a highly motivated team to world-class accolades and implemented a benchmark in-house training programme at Le Quartier Français. This focused on the upliftment of young adults from the surrounding community through training in hospitality. 

If I am not sharing my expertise you can find me playing on my bike in the mountains …

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